February 20, 2021

Where Can I Buy Living Room Furniture Online?

Where Can I Buy Living Room Furniture Online?
Where Can I Buy Living Room Furniture Online?

If your living room is due a makeover, then it’s a good idea to know where to shop when it comes to living room furniture. With so many online retail stores available nowadays, you’re not going to be short of options. Here are some of the best places online to shop for living room furniture.

Furniture in Fashion

With Furniture In Fashion, you have one of the largest online stores, providing the very best in high-quality furniture. It’s an affordable place where you can find something to match your style and aesthetic in your home. For living room furniture you’ve got the choice of console tables to display cabinets and fabric sofas to storage furniture.

German-manufactured furniture means you get top of the range pieces that have come from various dealers. With plenty of seasonal sales, you’ll find everything you need with Furniture in Fashion.

Ashley Furniture

From a small town in Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture has grown into one of the best retailers when it comes to furniture and mattresses in the US. They have a great range of stylish and up to date pieces that enrich and style every customer’s home.

Their living room collection boasts a variety of different seating options, as well as coffee tables and other side/end tables. Not only that but there’s plenty of lighting options and additional decor to browse.


A budget-friendly, household brand – Ikea is the home of flat-pack furniture. The Swedish brand has created a huge and loyal following over the years due to its somewhat basic but stylish furniture. Due to the ease of putting the furniture together, it’s a great place to find some beautiful pieces for your living space.

Whilst having plenty of stores across the globe, it’s one furniture business that has seen the bright lights of the online world and taken advantage of it.


Wayfair, like Furniture in Fashion, is known for having a big catalogue of products to choose from. As they represent hundreds of independent brands, there’s so much to pick from that you’ll likely find it difficult to decide on the one piece of furniture.

The amount of choice means you’ve got a lot of budget options to pick from too and there’s plenty of high-quality brands on their site. Some of the brands might be hit and miss but you’ll always find something that’s worth buying.


Having been around since 1999, Overstock is a great place for living room furniture. They bring out plenty of new pieces on a regular basis and offer plenty of deals and sales at regular intervals too. As a tech-driven online retailer, the brand has managed to build up an impressive amount of furniture options to suit all rooms around the home.

From accent chairs to TV stands, furnishing your living room in its entirety has never been so easy. They offer plenty of storage furniture too as well as plenty of sales opportunities.

City Furniture

As a leading furniture and home accents destination, City Furniture promises beautiful home furnishings at incredible value for money. Dating back to the 1970s when they first opened, they’ve evolved and continued to evolve in modern times.

Their lineup of furniture focuses on customers in mind and there are plenty of stylish and modern pieces to choose from. They also have nearly twenty showrooms across the state of Florida and their site is expansive.

Whether you’re looking for reclining chairs or sofas, to TV stands and entertainment walls, City Furniture provides everything for a modern home.


Argos is a household brand that continues to generate nearly a billion online visitors every year. That’s an impressive amount of traffic for an online website! There’s something for all the family with Argos, including its range of furniture.

Argos is a site that has a bit of everything but when it comes to homeware, there’s a lot to choose from. Having found a home online, Argos continues to provide excellent service as well as good quality furniture from a variety of brands.


If you’re looking to refresh your space with a few modern touches, then Dunelm can offer that at great prices. Not only do they have sofas and chairs, but they also cater to the smaller home decor pieces that truly finish off a room.

With regular new collections to look at, you’ll likely want to change your living room aesthetic every year! Dunelm sees the living space as the place you relax in and so its range of furniture encourages you to do just that.

They cover everything you’ll need for your living space and a lot of their furniture can be paired together in various collections.


With a number of showrooms available, MADE is a retailer that was born with the online world in mind. They offer a vast amount of furniture that comes in different collections and designs. The company collaborates with a variety of designers, so you’re getting something different every time.

Offering high-end furniture without the high-end price tag, they do so by cutting out the middle-man. By giving customers a fair price point, they’ve managed to gain a lot of success when it comes to living room furniture and everything else they sell.

Furniture Village

Furniture Village is a great brand that encompasses everything you’ll need in order to furnish your home. For your living space, the furniture that they provide continues to stay relevant to the needs of a modern household, whilst also providing a variety of styles and tastes to suit every household’s preferences.

As a family-run business, they continue to focus on providing quality and thinking about their customers when it comes to the type of furniture they sell online and in their stores. It’s been running since 1989, so it’s certainly doing something right. If you’re looking for the best sites to find your living room inspiration, then these will certainly be a great place to start. Make sure to check out all the living room furniture that these sites have to offer.