April 22, 2021

Reliable Furniture Stores?

Reliable Furniture Stores?

We're moving into our first 'together' apartment. We decided it was best to drop all of our past stuff, and get all new furniture. Currently, we're stuck on the couch.

We've looked at Amazon, Wayfair, LivingSpaces, Jeromes, Mor, Ashley, Costco, and Sams Club. Trying to avoid Ikea, just don't like their furniture.

The problem I'm running into though is the horrible experiences people have had with these places. Orders not being delivered, companies not making their agreed upon date of 6-8 weeks, actually having 12-14 weeks (with no CS contact), or even 24-28 weeks when their product arrives damaged, then another set of multiple weeks just to get in contact with their customer service, before they can pay to return the product; and for some reason still had to pay for shipping back, even though the damaged product was on the company.

This whole Furniture buying process seems like a nightmare, and based off so many peoples negative experiences, I have no idea which store here is the 'best of the worst', because it really seems like there is no 'good' choice. I'm just here to inquire about the places you guys normally use when buying furniture, and what places may seem shady on Yelp/Reviews, but are actually decent, won't dillydaddle with shipping, and won't try to charge us for damages that they caused on route to deliver.

Does a place like that exist, or do I just have to bite my tongue and take the gamble on one of these stores?

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