May 4, 2021

High end ergonomic chairs outside the US?

High end ergonomic chairs outside the US?

I've been looking for an ergonomic chair for the past few months. I've tried to purchase 3 different chairs so far and still no positive result, had to RMA all 3 due to different reasons.

I am from Spain, around 1.70 m/5'7 tall and 70 kg/150 lbs. I work from home 8-9 hours per day and game another fair amount, so I can say I easily achieve 12h/day average. No pets/wives/whatever to worry about, just looking for maximum comfort. I could spend up to 1500€ in a good chair with headrest.

These are the chairs I've already researched that I remember right now:

  1. IKEA Markus. Comes up often, so I thought it deserved mention. Good chair, but I'm not looking for a low budget chair, even if it's good quality/price. I need a chair for very long hours every day.
  2. Several lesser-known chairs under 600 bucks. Same issue as before, except these aren't often recommended. Sometimes it's just someone that bought one during a sale or has them in their office, with no background whatsoever.
  3. Nightingale CXO. I've tried to buy this one, but the Spanish seller had an issue and they have been unavailable for 2 months.
  4. Herman Miller Aeron. Great chair it seems, but no headrest. Requires 3rd party solution, which adds a lot into the price. Also it seems like the chair likes to punish people who like crossing their legs? Anyway, not sure if I can justify the price right now, even though it looks like a top contender. Also there's a period of 20 days that the supplier needs to manufacture the chair according to them.
  5. Steelcase Leap 2. Bad headrest solution, doesn't adapt to you, people complain if you rock back it needs adjustment, lacks a lot of adjustability.
  6. Humanscale Freedom. This is one of the chairs I was most impressed about, it's the only chair where it looks like the designer actually integrated the headrest into the functionality of the chair. The only downsides that people seem to complain about is if you are too short you can't pull the neck support low enough, and it looks like the arm rests are found to be too wide for some people. In my case, I don't think it's a concern (I have my arm rests uninstalled from my current chair because I don't like them), but there is a whooping 30 day period to build the chair, according to the supplier I've checked. Please let me know if there are alternatives.
  7. Konig Neurath jet.iii. This one seems like a good chair in terms of build quality, comes with a very in-depth customization menu and looks good overall, but the lack of reviews concerns me.
  8. Haworth chairs. Not encouraged by any of those chairs, they look average.

At this point I'm starting to get desperate, my current chair is starting to kill my back, but I don't want to buy trash just because I need to buy something now.

Also worth saying, I prefer it if I don't have to import the chair. Import takes + VAT easily add 500 euros into an otherwise viable chair. My budget is a bit extensive, but that doesn't mean I want to throw my money down the drain.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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