September 28, 2021

Family Friendly Sectional Recommendations Needed

Hi all,

We're in the market for a sectional and I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of the different brands and they're hit or miss reviews. There are several which look good/great on paper and fit what we need and our budget, but it's so difficult sifting through online reviews. I'm feeling a bit deflated and wondering if what I want actually exists. Hopefully you all can help me find something that works and that I can feel good about purchasing. Here's what I need:

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Budget: $3000 or less preferably with a little wiggle room

Sectional Sofa, Left Side Chaise (can also be movable ottoman)

Open to different styles, really looking for a manufacture/brand I can trust

Must be cat, dog and kid friendly construction and fabric

I've been looking at Article, Burrow, Floyd, West Elm, Interior Define and all of them have pieces that look nice, but when I dig into reviews, they seem to have glaring issues. I'm not as concerned with delivery time frame as I know it's crazy right now. I want a quality sectional that will last my family for a long time.

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